Speaking, writing and rapping professionally for over 15 years, working with schools, churches, community groups, health departments, police departments and even the US military, I've produced and co-produced 6 albums, almost 100 songs and partnered on many rap verses. Many of my songs reflect the teachings I live my life by. My songs deal with life issues, shining a light on dating relationships, how and why we need boundaries, the consequences of bad choices, and how to avoid making a mess of your life and the lives of those you say you love. This is the stuff that commercial rap talks about, but on the negative side. Many of today's songs promote using others for pleasure, acting out of jealousy, revenge and hatred, covering pain and loneliness with drugs and violence. I want to encourage this generation, and show them there's a different way to live that leads to success and happiness, for themselves and their children. It starts with them.

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